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Here are few of the frequently asked questions I hear from clients. Below, I have explained how to chose the right location for your session. Please scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to see some of the locations I suggest.

Also please feel free to contact me if you have any question.


What to wear for your photo session?


Look in your closet and chose a color pallet that you feel comfortable in. You might like blacks and darker colors but someone else might like light pastel colors. I usually love lighter colors for family sessions, but dark colors are still good. Just make sure to stay away from the very bright and neon colors ... like bright yellow and make sure that y'all are matching.

For you ladies, dresses are very flattering in pictures, especially maxi flowy skirts and dresses (like the chiffon ones) add beautiful movement to the pictures.

For expecting mothers, floor length dresses are the best.


Can I come to your house for a photo session?


Yes I can :) I can come take your newborn or cake smash photosession in your house but make sure you have a well light room with enough space for me to put a backdrop, lighting and props. I also can come take a casual family photo session of you all cooking together, kids playing and or just cuddling in front of the fire place.


How to choose a good location for your photo session?


San Diego and its surrounding areas are filled with beautiful locations to chose from. From Beaches, architectures to beautiful landscapes and mountains. Right below these questions, I have listed few locations to chose from, go through them and see if a location interests you.

Keep in mind that every location has its own perks and bumps. For example, pictures by the beach are dreamy but will require you to walk barefooted and you might get your cloth wet, mountains might be hard if you want a family reunion pictures with your grandparents or if someone has difficulty walking on slopes.

Something else to keep in mind is that Clients are responsible for any photography permit fees and some locations do require a permit fee like Mission San Juan Capistrano.


How are your pictures delivered?


I will most likely email you your high resolution edited images once I finish them. For weddings and big events, I will most likely give them to you you a USB.


are you qualified to get a discount?


I offer military discount as a thank you to what you are doing for our country. I am also honored to offer discounts to families with children with disabilities or undergoing treatment for cancer.


any hidden fees?


No Hidden fees, my prices include the sitting fee and the digital edited images with its copy rights so you can print them anywhere. So enjoy a great photo session without having to worry about paying more for your pictures :)

However, the client is responsible to pay for any additional products such as prints, albums or canvases which can be ordered upon request.  Also the client will be responsible for any additional site fees for those locations that require photography permit.


What are the steps that need to be followed?


Below are the simple steps I follow :)

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Step 01





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photo session Location is important

There are many great locations in San Diego and in its surrounding areas. Choose one that tells your story and make sure that you are well prepared for it.

Below are some of my favorite locations to shoot at, but there are plenty more locations in south of SD, East and in North County, that you should consider.

Some of my favorite photo session locations

things you need to know:



Wind and Sea beach is beautiful location for family, children, maternity, engagement, and senior portrait photosession.

There is a tiki hut on top of the clip that adds a nice backdrop. However, if the tide is not low enough, we won't be able to take pictures on the shore. Also, going down from the cliff is not very easy.

things you need to know:


Balboa park is a great location for most types of photosessions. The Japanese Friendship Garden requires a Photography permit fee in addition to the admission fee.

This location has so many beautiful architecture, arches, and gardens which makes it an ideal location if you want to have different backgrounds in your pictures.

Balboa Park

Things you need to know:


Scrips pier

Scrips Pier is a great location for most types of photo sessions. Usually I go with flip flop, so get ready to walk on sand barefoot and there is a high chance you'll get wet. If you are bringing your children, plan on bringing them an extra set of cloth :)

Parking can be hard, make sure NOT to park in the oceanography UCSD area so you don't get a citation. be prepared to park a little far from the beach.


things you need to know:


Coronado is a great location for almost all types of photo sessions. There is the beach with beautiful sand dunes, the town with lots of shops, and you can get a good view of the San Diego skyline from Centennial Park.

things you need to know:



Marian Bear Park has beautiful woodsy scenery and can add a very fall fairy tail background for your pictures.

Be aware that It can be too steep for you to walk down to the park if you are wearing fancy shoes or high heals. Your photo session location will most likely have to be changed if it was raining the day off or even the day before.


Things you need to know:

Solana Beach

What I like about this beach is the Beautiful sunset, not as crowded as other beaches, and that you might be able to get some pictures with the life guard house in the background if you go around summer time. If you are taking a family session with toddlers, bring an extra set of cloth for them since they might get wet.

Be ready to walk on a sloped long walkway to go down to the beach and up the hill to go back to the park.

Things you need to know:


San Elijo Lagoon

This is a beautiful location for a family photo session. It offers a beautiful woodsy backgrounds for your photo sessions.

some areas of this park are better for morning photo sessions and some parts are nicer for more evening sessions.


Things you need to know:

ramona park land reserve

A great location that has some huge boulders and beautiful scenic mountains. It's a great location for an engagement session or maternity session but will require a lot of walking so make sure to bring comfortable shoes with you.

you might spot cows wondering by, so look where you are looking so you don't step on any cow manure :D

There are many many more locations for you to consider, to name a few: